Top 10 Bible Studies for Father's Day

Fathers play an important role in the lives of their children. They have the opportunity to set an example of what it means to live a righteous life. Great responsibility comes with this role, and the demands and temptations of everyday life can make it difficult to uphold. These Bible studies are designed to help men lead themselves and others well and grow in their daily walk with God.


Parenting Bible Study Bundle

1. Parenting Bible Study Bundle
Discover how you can raise balanced, godly children in a chaotic world.
13 Session Bible Study

Parents have the special privilege and calling to guide their children and help them grow into balanced, God-honoring adults. This calling requires constant sacrifice and increasing wisdom. In this bundle, you'll find biblical support for your journey to raise Christ-centered children. You'll also receive encouragement as you learn to manage expectations and grow in your own walk with God.


Men of Integrity: Living with Integrity

2. Men of Integrity: Living with Integrity
Encouragement for men to live a life of integrity.
6 Session Bible Study

Living a life of integrity is a noble pursuit, but it isn't easy. You will meet challenges and temptations. Learning to trust God and focus on him is essential to growing in integrity. This six-session study provides guidance for your relationship with God and others, employment, material possessions, and other aspects of life that require your attention as you strive to be a righteous man.


Courageous Men of the Bible

3. Courageous Men of the Bible
Live a life of integrity through the examples laid out in the Bible.
12 Session Bible Study

A life of faith requires us to be recklessly obedient to God. He wants to redeem our weaknesses, make our lives a blessing to others, and teach us to be strong, yet vulnerable. When you walk with Christ, he will help you turn from temptations and enable you to leave a lasting legacy of spiritual fortitude. This 12-session course will examine the lives of courageous men in the Bible and show you what life can be like when you rely on the power of God.


One-Year Bible Study Track for Men

4. One-Year Bible Study Track for Men
A year's worth of Bible studies especially for men
56 Session Bible Study

If you're hoping to dig into your relationship with God and make a long-term commitment, this one-year Bible study track is a great tool to guide you. You'll study strength, integrity, and courage and learn from teachers such as John Ortberg. You'll also examine the important role you play as a father and how you can leave a legacy for your children.


Strong Men of the Bible

5. Strong Men of the Bible
Six biblical men of integrity
6 Session Bible Study

Whether an "everyman" like Jacob or a man of supernatural strength like Samson, the Bible tells the stories of men used by God for great things. This six-session study uses Scripture to teach about obedience, humility, and suffering, as well as how you can grow in strength as you face the joys and challenges of everyday life.


Marriage Bible Study Bundle

6. Marriage Bible Study Bundle
Learn to seek God together as you grow in love and commitment.
13 Session Bible Study

Leading your family well includes focusing on having a strong marriage. Learning to love each other and glorify God through your relationship with your spouse is a challenge worth taking on each day. But we can't expect to face the challenge on our own and win. Taking time to study what the Bible has to say about money, communication, sex, and more will help husbands and wives form a strong foundation and grow. When you seek God together, he will provide you with the love and support you need to have a healthy marriage.


9-Month Parenting Track

7. 9-Month Parenting Track
Nine months of Bible studies especially for parents
38 Session Bible Study

What task is more difficult than parenting? And what could be more important?

We've assembled a useful mix of studies that looks at raising Christ-centered children, examines how to discipline them, and addresses materialism and sex. We also give you tools to decide what is best for your child's education and to think through divorce, adoption, special needs, and how to deal with parental guilt.


Successful Relationships

8. Successful Relationships
As we work on our relationships, we become more and more like Jesus.
5 Session Bible Study

All of our life is about relationships. From beginning to end, we spend our lives relating to others. The Godhead is a relationship between the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Created in God's image, we are made to be in intimate relationships with others. These relationships can be the most fulfilling or frustrating experiences of our lives. As we aim to live like Jesus, we see how healthy relationships are worth putting work into.


Thriving in the Empty Nest

9. Thriving in the Empty Nest
These studies will help the transition from a full house to an empty nest.
3 Session Bible Study

Graduation day and the start of college may be quickly approaching for the youngest child in your household. When the kids leave home, it's a time of transition. It can be sad, but it doesn't have to be devastating. In fact, it can be a time to grow as a person and find new meaning. You could see it as a time to thrive as never before. This three-session study will help you prepare for this new season of your life.


Experience God Every Day

10. Experience God Every Day
A 40-day journey to help you experience God's presence every day.
40 Session Bible Study

It's easy to speed through life and never experience God's presence. We rush from meetings to social gatherings and from kids' games to church groups. Often, as we crawl into bed at night, we realize we never met God during our day. We want more. We want to experience God's presence. We want to learn how to meet God in the everyday mess and chaos of life. But how? Is it possible to experience God day-to-day?

This 40-day study will take you on a journey to experience God's presence every day. You'll assess your spiritual growth, learn about the spiritual journey God has for us, discover how to connect with God in the noise of life, and read stories of how God shows up even in the mundane activities.


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