Vibrant Small Groups

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There Are No Shortcuts to Small-Group Ministry Success

Are you tired of chasing the latest trends, jumping from model to model, or not gaining any traction with groups?

Think like a missionary. Forget about what God is doing in other churches. Instead contextualize ministry for the location God has placed your church.

Vibrant Small Groups guides your leadership team through a series of essential questions and helpful discussions to cultivate a ministry that fits your church.

Your team will build a clear plan that:

  • Defines the basic structure of your groups—size, frequency, location and more.
  • Identifies why and how you hope to see members experience spiritual growth.
  • Guides what qualities and expectations you’ll have of leaders.
  • Forms how you will encourage membership.
  • Outlines a plan for ongoing success.

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How to Use This Book

Vibrant Small Groups is structured as a workbook to help church leadership teams engage in healthy and helpful discussions about how to cultivate small groups.

Each team member should have their own copy, that’s why we offer bulk pricing options.

It will take honest assessment and discussion plus a dedicated investment of time. You might want to meet weekly or set aside time for an all-day retreat.

Besides group discussion, there is also ample opportunity to reflect on a personal level about what you think is best for your church. 

About the Author

BILL SEARCH is the author of Essential Guide for Small Group Leaders and Simple Small Groups. He’s served as a small group pastor, as a senior pastor, and currently serves as Executive Pastor of Ministries at Crossings Community Church in Oklahoma City. He has a M.A. from Wheaton College in Educational Ministries with undergrad study at Moody Bible Institute. Bill and his wife, Karyn, have three children.