The Model Sermon

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You’re called to be a faithful and effective communicator of God’s Word. But what exactly are the core principles of a “biblical sermon”? Is there a model for us to follow? Or did God leave it up to us—his gospel ambassadors—to figure it out as we go?

Reinvigorate Your Preaching

It turns out that God did include a blueprint to guide us within the canon of Scripture—the Book of Hebrews. The Model Sermon will not only help you master the major preaching principles found in Hebrews—itself a sermon—but also offers practical steps to immediately apply each to your preaching.

Essential Principles

You'll get a better grasp on the marks of a good sermon, down-to-earth ways to bolster your preaching, and inspiration to keep lifting up the person and work of Jesus Christ!

15 principles as a model for preaching today:

  • Getting out of the way
  • Showing them Jesus
  • Identifying with your people
  • Trusting the Holy Spirit
  • Making an appeal
  • And more

What Others Say

"This book is readable and enjoyable. McKeen combines theory and practice in a manner that will surely bless preachers."
- Patricia Batten, Associate Director of the Haddon W. Robinson Center for Preaching at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary

"I wish I had this book when I was teaching preaching. This would have been the main textbook for all those classes."
- Steve Brown, author, radio broadcaster, and host of Key Life

About the Author

Jeremy A. Mckeen is the Senior Pastor of First Congregational Church in Hamilton, MA. He has over a decade of church planting, preaching, and pastoral experience. He and his wife, Lindsay, have two kids who provide lots of sermon illustrations.