Women of the Old Testament

Learn the stories of 12 women.
Gladys Hunt

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As you explore with Gladys Hunt the stories of 12 Old Testament women, you will come to understand the far-reaching consequences of your own everyday choices and actions.

Getting the Most Out of Women of the Old Testament
This section introduces the topic, explains the structure followed in each study and offers tips for those approaching the study on their own as well as those participating in a group.

Session One

The First Woman: A Far-Reaching Choice
It was only one tree and one little piece of fruit. What does Eve's experience teach us about the far-reaching consequences of our choices?
Genesis 3:1-13

Session Two

Sarah & Hagar: Waiting for God to Act
Over a period of two decades God repeated his promise to make a great nation out of Abram's offspring. As the years went by and no child was conceived, how do you think Sarai felt about herself? How do you react when your prayers go unanswered?
Genesis 16; 18:1-15

Session Three

Miriam: A Critical Spirit
How does the Lord respond to Miriam and Aaron's criticisms of Moses? What is your response to knowing that the Lord hears the criticisms you make against others?
Numbers 12

Session Four

Rahab: An Unlikely Ally
Why do you think Rahab risked her life for these two spies? What risks have you taken to ally yourself with God's people?
Joshua 2; 6:15-25

Session Five

Ruth: The Cost of Loyalty
What do you think motivates Ruth's hard work and her loyalty to Naomi? What loyalties are important to you as a Christian, regardless of cost?
Ruth 1-2

Session Six

Naomi: Sadness Swallowed Up by Joy
A kinsman-redeemer was responsible for protecting the interests of his extended family. What new hope comes to Naomi as a result of Ruth meeting Boaz? In what way has God provided a kinsman-redeemer for us?
Ruth 3-4

Session Seven

Hannah: From Misery to Praise
Just as Hannah's response revealed her inner person, what does our response to pain and disappointment reveal about us?
1 Samuel 1:1-2:11

Session Eight

Abigail: A Level-Headed Woman
The heroine in this study is a woman named Abigail, whose rich husband is a fool. How do you decide when you should be responsible to rescue others from their foolishness?
1 Samuel 25:2-44

Session Nine

The Shunammite Woman: Taking the Initiative
After being given a son and raising him to boyhood, the Shunammite woman now faces a terrible loss. What is her strong resolve in the face of her son's death? When you feel distressed about something in your life, how do you react?
2 Kings 4:8-37

Session Ten

Esther: Captive in a Strange Land
What factors in Esther's life are outside of her control? What could she control? When threatening circumstances arise, what makes it difficult to believe that God is at work behind the scenes?
Esther 2-4

Session Eleven

Esther: Courage to Act
In the face of the king's extravagant offers, why do you think Esther plans one banquet, then another? When have you gone beyond your own interests to get the privileges you have gained extended to others?
Esther 5:1-8; 7-8

Session Twelve

The Model Wife: A Portrait of Excellence
What is the secret of the woman's praiseworthy life? What is this woman's lasting investment? What is yours?
Proverbs 31:10-31

Leader's Notes: included with master PDF for download

Author Info: Gladys Hunt, based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, worked for many years (often alongside her husband, Keith) as a volunteer in student ministry with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. Her more than twenty books include Honey for a Child's Heart, Honey for a Teenager's Heart, Honey for a Woman's Heart (all Zondervan) and several titles in the Fisherman Bible study series (Waterbrook Press).

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