Titus: Good Doctrine and Godly Living

Those who persevere, as Titus did, will discover the power and satisfaction that God gives.

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It has always been a challenge to develop a good church—even in New Testament days. Titus, a young leader of an argumentative church, needed to learn to refute false teachers, calm church disunity, and find quality leaders. Even with God's Spirit at work, church life means sweat and tears. Those who persevere, as Titus did, will discover the power and satisfaction that God gives, then and now.

Session One

Guard God's Truth with Good People
The Pevensie children and Narnia. Hobbits and rings. Dorothy and Oz. Luke Skywalker and the Force. Many of our favorite stories have to do with ordinary beings called to extraordinary tasks. Everyday people for whom the curtains are pulled back to reveal the bigger, truer reality. Those clarifying moments serve to define their lives and provide a fierce commitment to the truth.

Titus is such a person, called to organize the church on the island of Crete. This study explores the themes of Titus 1: God's calling, godly leadership, and resisting falsehood.

Session Two

Godly Living for All by God's Grace
Once I graduate from high school, once I graduate from college, once I get married, once the kids are older, once things slow down, once I make a little more money, once I retire … then I can invest myself more in what God wants me to do. We've all said it or thought it. And there are seasons to life, but the world's value system can creep in and dictate our lives.

In Titus 2, the apostle Paul teaches that while we are to live in the world and fulfill our social roles, our highest call is to further the gospel. We do this in part by our conduct, in light of God's grace.

Session Three

Do Good and Expose Lies in Light of God's Mercy
It's like taking ballroom dance lessons in a bear trap showroom: 1 … 2 … 3, 1 … 2 … Oops! Snap! 1 … 2 … 3 Watch your step! It's something like that for Christians as we seek to live unlike the world, yet still live in the world so that others would want to live for God. It's a sticky one. Yet, we are compelled by the kind, loving, merciful Christ to continue the dance.

This discussion on Titus 3 provides some dancing lessons in being ready to do good, the basis for doing good, and the importance of confronting false teachers.

This Study Through the Bible Course is based on a sermon series by Shane Hipps.

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