The Wondrous Cross: Easter Season Devotional 2022 (Digital Distribution)

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Christianity Today’s 2022 Lent & Easter devotional, titled The Wondrous Cross, is designed to help individuals, families, and small groups explore how their present lives are changed by Good Friday and Easter.

This downloadable devotional features 8 articles written by pastors, musicians, visual artists, theologians, and authors such as Carolyn Arends, J. Todd Billings, Makoto Fujimura, Rachel Gilson, Jay Y. Kim, and more. Click here to download a sample pdf.  


This option allows you to distribute the digital edition (PDF) to members of your church or study group. Simply select the number of digital copies you would like to distribute below, or contact us at 877-247-4787 for reprint permissions


What’s Inside?

This PDF devotional offers 8 readings, each exploring an aspect of Jesus’ passion, death, or resurrection by reflecting on a song, spiritual, or hymn. You will also find a Bible Study Guide that readers can use on their own or with a small group to dig more deeply into the biblical passages and theological ideas explored in each article. Every reading also concludes with a short Scripture reading and questions to guide your prayer and contemplation of God's Word.

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BONUS: This year, each of the articles in this resource reflects on a piece of music to explore the meaning of the Cross and the Resurrection. Scan the code in the devotional or find links to these songs and more at as part of your prayer and worship experience!


How to Use This Resource:

This devotional guide is designed to be flexible. You can read through the articles at your own pace during Lent or the Easter season, or you could use this as an eight-week Bible study at any time of year.

Here are a few suggested schedules you can follow: