The Risen Christ: Jesus' Final Words on Earth

Bill Weimer

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Christians sometimes meditate upon “Jesus’ last words”—the statements he made as he was dying upon the cross. But those actually are not Jesus’ last words, for, in the Gospels and Acts, we read of other critical questions he asked and statements he made after his resurrection. In this 9-session study, you will look closely at words Jesus spoke in the period between his resurrection and ascension.

Getting the Most Out of The Risen Christ: Jesus’ Final Words on Earth
This section introduces the topic, explains the structure followed in each study, and offers tips for those approaching the study on their own as well as those participating in a group.

Session One
Who Are You Looking For?
This study examines Jesus’ interaction with Mary Magdalene, the first witness to the Resurrection.
John 20:1–18

Session Two
What Are You Discussing?
Many people know some facts and information about Jesus, but do not have a clear faith commitment to him. In this passage, the risen Jesus Christ engages two such individuals who were traveling along the road to Emmaus and enables them to know him personally.
Luke 24:13–49

Session Three
I Am Sending You
After his post-resurrection appearances, Jesus will ascend from earth. But first he must solidify his disciples’ faith in him as the risen Messiah and Lord, and instruct them about the mission he is assigning them. This study looks at the words Jesus spoke to commission his disciples after his resurrection.
John 20:19–23

Session Four
Stop Doubting and Believe
Thomas, a disciple of Jesus, had a strong leadership personality and was not afraid of stating his views. In this study’s Scripture, Thomas analyzes and even questions Jesus’ statements. Jesus appears, convincing Thomas of the truth, and speaks about the nature of doubt and belief.
John 20:24–31

Session Five
Do You Love Me?
In this passage, Jesus reinstates Peter after his repeated denials of Christ during Jesus’ trial. Jesus not only calls individuals to know and follow him but he calls them to fulfill his purposes. Jesus reiterates this idea with several disciples; they—and we—need reminding about what he wants us to be and to do.
John 21:1–25

Session Six
Make Disciples: I Am with You
At dawn on Easter Sunday “Mary Magdalene and the other Mary” arrived at Jesus’ burial site. An angel of the Lord appeared to the women and told them the crucified Jesus had risen. They were to tell the disciples the good news and to meet Jesus in Galilee. Then Jesus appeared in person to the women and repeated the instructions the angel had given them. This study explores how Jesus’ words to the women can also apply to us.
Matthew 28:16–20

Session Seven
Wait, Receive, Witness
The book of Acts opens about forty days after Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection. Before his ascension from earth, Jesus gave his last words and final instructions to his followers—who were still puzzled about what transpired over the past seven weeks and perplexed about what would occur once Jesus was gone. His instructions to these first believers can also guide us in our faith.
Acts 1:1–14

Session Eight
Who Are You, Lord?
Saul, or Paul as he would later be called, was an early opponent of Christianity, and he participated in the murder and martyrdom of Stephen, an early Christian leader. Later, however, the risen Jesus Christ confronts, challenges, and changes the resistant and committed persecutor Saul (Paul). This study examines the life-changing impact of Jesus’ interaction with Saul on the road to Damascus.
Acts 9:1–22

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Bill Weimer, formerly a Navy chaplain, is pastor emeritus of Mariner Sands Chapel, an ecumenical congregation in Stuart, Florida.