Rediscovering Lent

Explore the history of Lent and what it can mean for you today.

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Lent is meant to be much more than a muscle contest for the will. Rather, through fasting and focus, Lent helps us to enter into close communion with Jesus as we ponder our sinfulness and the grace coming at Calvary. Many evangelicals are rediscovering the spiritual richness of this ancient tradition.

This download will help you explore the history of Lent and consider what it can mean in your own life. So whether Lent's relatively new to you, or it's been part of your life 's rhythm for many years, this exploration offers you something new to think about.


Better Than Broccoli
by Kelli B. Trujillo

Leader's Guide
How to use "Rediscovering Lent" for a group study

Lenten History 101
A brief overview.
by Ted Olsen

Food for the Soul?
A look at Lenten fasting through the centuries.
by Elesha Coffman

Observe it or Ignore it?
The challenge Lent poses to Evangelical Protestants.
A Christianity Today editorial

Spirit-Filled Freedom . . . and Lent
The season can be a beautiful and deeply moving experience of walking with Jesus to the cross.
by Sherwood E. Wirt

Whatever Happened to Repentance?
We 've come to think our faith is about comfort. It's not.
by Frederica Mathewes-Green

Lent for the Non-Liturgical
7 ways those with a non-liturgical church background can gain from the richness of liturgy.
by Elizabeth Diffin

Lent . . . For All Ages!
40 unique ways families can count down to the greatest event in history.
by Annette LaPlaca

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