Questions God Asks

"Where are you?" From early in Genesis and throughout Scripture, God asks humans probing questions. This 9-session study series examines some of those critical questions, considering how they apply to our lives today.
Dale Larsen and Sandy Larsen

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In this 9-session study, you will reflect on specific questions God asks people during important events in Scripture. These questions shed light on the human condition, God’s character, and the relationship he desires to have with us.

Getting the Most Out of Questions God Asks
This section introduces the topic, explains the structure followed in each study, and offers tips for those approaching the study on their own as well as those participating in a group.

Session One
Where Are You?
As far as we know, “Where are you?” was the first question God posed to humanity. It came at a crisis point between human beings and their Creator God.
Genesis 3:1–13

Session Two
What Is That in Your Hand?
When a need arises, sometimes you have to use what you have on hand. When Moses met God at the burning bush, God told him to use what he had in his hand—his ordinary shepherd’s staff. That staff went on to play a significant role in the Israelites’ exodus from Egypt.
Exodus 4:1–5

Session Three
Why Are You Crying Out to Me?
At a time when things looked desperately hopeless, Moses cried out to the Lord. The Lord surprised him by telling him to stop crying out and start moving forward.
Exodus 14:5–25

Session Four
Stand Up! What Are You Doing Down on Your Face?
After a military defeat, God made clear to Joshua that there was a secret sin in the Israelite camp.
Joshua 7:1–15

Session Five
What Are You Doing Here?
The prophet Elijah was overwhelmed by feelings of confusion and the desire to escape after what was probably his greatest victory. Even in his state of withdrawal, he was not beyond the reach of God’s care and mercy.
1 Kings 19:1–18

Session Six
Why Do You Complain, Jacob?
God’s people living in exile in Babylon experienced misery and sorrow. They expressed their sorrow in songs and prayers of lament. In Isaiah 40, the prophet looks ahead to a time when the Babylonian exile will end and the Jews will return to their homeland.
Isaiah 40:27–31; 41:8–10

Session Seven
Can These Bones Live?
For the prophet Ezekiel, a valley of scattered skeletons spoke only of death—until God showed him a vision of a miraculous return to life.
Ezekiel 37:1–14

Session Eight
Is It Right for You to Be Angry?
After God granted forgiveness to the Ninevites, Jonah was angry. He couldn’t stomach God’s forgiveness of this evil city; it seemed so unfair by human standards. In chapter 4 of Jonah, God confronts Jonah’s small-minded anger.
Jonah 4:1–11

Session Nine
Is It a Time for You Yourselves to Be Living in Your Paneled Houses, While This House Remains in Ruin?
The returned Jewish exiles put their own ease and pleasure above the task of rebuilding of the Lord’s temple.
Haggai 1:1–15

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Dale and Sandy Larsen are writers living in Rochester, Minnesota. They have authored over thirty Bible studies, including more than ten LifeGuide® Bible Studies.