Psalms: Prayers of the Heart

Pour out your heart to God.
Eugene H. Peterson

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Twelve inductive Bible studies show you how to pray your heart to God—doubts, fears, anger, praise, remorse, thankfulness.


Getting the Most Out of Psalms
This section introduces the topic, explains the structure followed in each study and offers tips for those approaching the study on their own as well as those participating in a group.

Session One

Praying Our Inattention
What thoughts and concerns distract you when you begin to pray? Psalm 1 shows you how to focus on your conversation with God.
Psalm 1

Session Two

Praying Our Intimidation
What use is prayer in the face of governments, armies and millionaires? Psalm 2 reveals that God is at work in the world just as He is at work in your heart.
Psalm 2

Session Three

Praying Our Trouble
When you realize you can't help yourself, you instinctively reach out to God. Psalm 3 recognizes that prayer is essential to our spiritual and physical well-being.
Psalm 3

Session Four

Praying Our Creation
Pray orients you; it allows God to tell you where you are, who you are and whose you are. Psalm 8 helps you to find your way by focusing first on God.
Psalm 8

Session Five

Praying Our Sin
How honest are you with God about your sins? Psalm 51 shows you how to pray to get to the truth about yourself and to find out how God will deal with you.
Psalm 51

Session Six

Praying Our Salvation
What God has done for us far exceeds anything we deserve or hope. Psalm 103 describes the experience of salvationhow does it feel to you?

Psalm 103

Session Seven

Praying Our Fear
What do you fear? Why? Psalm 23 identifies fear and faces itand affirms God's presence in the midst of it.

Psalm 23

Session Eight

Praying Our Hate
Can God handle your feelings of hate? Psalm 137 shows that you can't fool God if you want to grow close to him; you must pray who you actually are, not who you think you should be.
Psalm 137

Session Nine

Praying Our Tears
Are your tears self-indulgent? Or does holding back tears disconnect you from needed emotions? Psalm 6 invites you to join your sorrows with God's to discover both the source of and a relief from your sadness.
Psalm 6

Session Ten

Praying Our Doubt
Doubt is essential to belief. Psalm 73 shows how expressing your doubts to God can allow him to remind you of his presence and promises.
Psalm 73

Session Eleven

Praying Our Death
How have you been affected by death? How have you prepared for it? Psalm 90 offers a "road map" for you as it has for generations of Christians.
Psalm 90

Session Twelve

Praying Our Praise
All prayer, pursued far enough, finally becomes praise. Psalm 150 offers an example of prayer that recognizes all things transformed in God's presence.
Psalm 150

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Eugene H. Peterson is the translator of The Message as well as author of A Long Obedience in the Same Direction and Run with the Horses.