Meeting Jesus

Do you know the real Jesus?
Leighton Ford

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Thirteen inductive Bible studies offer you a variety of vantage points on Jesus—his teaching, his compassion, his love, his challenge.


Getting the Most Out of Meeting Jesus
This section introduces the topic, explains the structure followed in each study and offers tips for those approaching the study on their own as well as those participating in a group.

Session One

The Real Jesus
What is your impression of Jesus from everything you've heard about him in the past? How does your picture compare to the picture that opens Mark's Gospel?
Mark 1:9-45

Session Two

The Surprising Jesus
According to the writer Luke, Jesus often surprised people who thought they knew what he would say and do. Does Luke's account of Jesus surprise you?
ke 5:17-32

Session Three

Jesus the Storytelling Teacher
Jesus used parables to draw out the real seekers and keep away those who were merely curious. Which are you?
Mark 4:1-25

Session Four

Jesus the Master over Fear
What do you fearsnakes, public speaking, the unknown? In Luke 8 Jesus demonstrates his power over the fears that can keep you from finding true life.

Luke 8:22-39

Session Five

Jesus the Challenging Savior
Do you really see Jesus clearly? Or, like the blind man in Mark's story, is your first sight blurredby stereotypes of Christianity, negative encounters with Christians or cultural assumptions about religion?

Mark 8:22-38

Session Six

Jesus the Source of Power
Jesus is described as both a servant and leader, both weak and strong, both humiliated and exalted. Does the paradox make him more understandable or more mysterious?
Mark 9:2-32

Session Seven

Jesus & a Rich Man
What is "number one" in your life? Luke 18 shows that Jesus asks you to put following him ahead of everything else you treasure.
Luke 18:15-30

Session Eight

Jesus the Servant Leader
Do you want to lead or serve? In Mark 10, Jesus shows that leadership means serviceeven sacrifice.

Mark 10:32-45

Session Nine

Jesus the Puzzling King
After months of healing the sick and forgiving the sinner in near secrecy, Jesus "goes public" by cursing a barren fig tree and driving salesmen out of the temple courts. What do these acts tell you about Jesus?
Mark 11

Session Ten

Jesus the Prophet
What are the hallmarks of Jesus' prophecy? When you read his words recorded in Matthew 24, do you feel comforted or troubled?
Matthew 24:1-31

Session Eleven

Jesus the Sacrfice
How do you respond to crisis? What does Jesus' response to crisis teach you about him and about God?
Matthew 26:1-30

Session Twelve

Jesus the Dying King
Why did the cross become the symbol of Christians through the ages and around the world? What does the cross mean to you?
John 19:16-42

Session Thirteen

Jesus the Risen Lord
What causes you to doubt that Jesus is alive? What causes you to doubt that God exists? Where do you turn in times of doubt? John 20 presents evidence, both physical and personal, that demands a decisionand can answer your doubts.

John 20

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Leighton Ford heads Leighton Ford Ministries, which seeks to help young leaders worldwide to lead more like Jesus and more to Jesus. For many years, Ford communicated Christ around the globe through speaking, writing and media outreach. He describes his current mission to be "an artist of the soul and a friend on the journey." He is the author of Transforming Leadership.