Matthew: The Passion Week

Jesus' death and resurrection changed the world.

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The last week of Jesus' life—the Passion, the Crucifixion, and the Resurrection—is recorded at the end of the Gospel of Matthew. The events in chapter 26 all take place on Saturday through Thursday. Chapter 27 takes place on what we call Good Friday. Chapter 28 chronicles Easter Sunday, the day of the Resurrection. This study will investigate the deity, majesty, and royalty of Jesus. We will see that he is more than a man or a good teacher, that he is able to conquer death, and that he is truly the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Session One

Loving Jesus
Jesus is worthy of our worship.
Matthew 26:1–13
You may begin this study aware of a sinful past. Your past doesn't matter — it doesn't have to prevent you from giving your life to Jesus. It doesn't have to prevent you from worshiping, loving, and serving him today.

Session Two

Celebrating the Lord's Supper
This ancient ritual is still vital today.
Matthew 26:26–30
One thing common to Christians throughout the world and the ages is that we have always observed what we call the Lord's Supper. Some call it by a different name and some observe it more frequently than others, but we all observe it because Jesus told us to.

Session Three

How to Attack Failure
Learn to attack failure before it attacks you.
Matthew 26:31–75
Most of us know what it's like to know the right thing to do, but still do the opposite or nothing at all. Afterwards, we realize that we have fallen short of pleasing God. This study gives us tools to avoid doing this.

Session Four

Mea Culpa
if we recognize our guilt, we can receive God's grace.
Matthew 27:1–26
The Latin phrase mea culpa means, "My bad my fault." Until I realize that I am responsible for the crucifixion of Christ, because it was my sin that sent him to the cross, I won't be able to appreciate what he did for me. This study will help us take responsibility.

Session Five

Becoming Like Him in His Death
In becoming like Jesus in suffering, we know the power of his resurrection.
Matthew 27:11–50
Here's a fact of life: You will be treated unfairly. Reading Matthew 27 gives us a glimpse of how Jesus responded to unfair treatment, and we can learn from him. We must remember that in becoming like him in his sufferings, we also experience the power of his resurrection.

Session Six

The Defining Moment of Our Lives
Our lives and future hinge on the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Matthew 28:1–10
Unless we understand the significance of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, we miss the most important part of his message. In the resurrection we see the fullness of who Christ is and what he came to do for us.

This Study Through the Bible Course is based on a sermon series by Steve May.