Matthew: Jesus the Messiah

The first four chapters of Matthew show us what this part of Jesus' life can teach us about our own.

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This seven-session course takes a close look at the first four chapters of the Gospel of Matthew and asks such questions as: What significance does this first-century Jewish rabbi have for our lives today? What difference does it make that he claimed to be the Messiah? How does this affect our relationship with God? This course also looks at the importance of obedience to God, the power of Jesus' name, living outside our comfort zone, gaining power over temptation, discovering what God expects of us, and staying on task with our mission.

Session One

Lessons from the Past
What we can learn from a genealogy.
Matthew 1:1–17
At first glance, this passage of Scripture seems to be nothing more than a list of names. But when we take a closer look at the names on this list, we see that Jesus is the Messiah for all people, that God's grace is greater than our sin, and that we are not stuck with our past.

Session Two

Courageous Obedience
What we can learn from Mary and Joseph
Matthew 1:18–25
This story gives us a glimpse of the great love Joseph had for Mary, and it helps us put the life of Jesus in its proper context. It also teaches us some lessons about courageous obedience.

Session Three

The Power of the Name of Jesus
Jesus' names define our relationship to him, and his relationship to us.
Matthew 1:18–25
Everyone's name tells us something about the family from which they came. Jesus' name is no different. When we understand the names that his Father gave to him, we begin to understand him better.

Session Four

Living Outside Your Comfort Zone
you are forced out of your comfort zone, God is teaching you.
Matthew 2:12–23
Most of us like to be comfortable, but as we'll see in our Scripture passage, there are times when God throws us out of our comfort zone for our own good. This study will help us learn to recognize when God is nudging us out of our comfort zone and into his arms.

Session Five

Power Over Temptation
Jesus showed us how to win.
Matthew 4:1–11
Jesus overcame temptation so that you can overcome temptation. This study looks at how to do that by expecting, understanding, and attacking temptation.

Session Six

The Foundations of a Life Well-Lived
Learning what God wants us to do.
Matthew 4:12–17
Have you ever considered the idea that you have a ministry? Most of us have asked, at one time or another, What is my place in this world? Where do I fit in? What am I supposed to do? Your place in this world is the ministry that God has given you.

Session Seven

How to Avoid Becoming Obsolete
We need to make sure we stay on task with our mission.
Matthew 4:18–23
When Jesus called Peter and Andrew, he called them to a vision of what their lives could become. He makes the same call to us—a call to a life of purpose and accomplishment.

This Study Through the Bible Course is based on a sermon series by Steve May.