Matthew 1-16: Discovering the King

Come face to face with Jesus as he calls, teaches and prepares his disciples—and find yourself called to follow him too.
Stephen and Jacalyn Eyre

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What would it be like to be discipled by Jesus himself? As you work through these 11 studies on the first half of Matthew's Gospel, you will be brought face to face with Jesus as he calls, teaches and prepares his disciples—and find yourself called to follow him too.


Getting the Most Out of Matthew 1-16: Discovering the King
This section introduces the topic, explains the structure followed in each study and offers tips for those approaching the study on their own as well as those participating in a group.

Session One

In Search of the King
On hearing of Jesus' birth from the searching Magi, Herod also begins a search for the newborn Christ. How does his search compare with that of the Magi? How has knowing Jesus involved you in a search or journey?
Matthew 1-2

Session Two

Preparing for the King
John the Baptist calls followers to produce "fruit in keeping with repentance." Give examples of the kind of fruit you think he has in mind.
Matthew 3

Session Three

The Beginning of the Kingdom
The prerequisite for Jesus' ministry was his ability to resist temptation. What insights into Jesus' character does this encounter with Satan provide? What can you learn about temptation and how to resist it from Jesus' example?
Matthew 4

Session Four

The Law of the King (Part 1)
The Beatitudes describe the qualities Jesus requires of those who live as citizens of his kingdom. What would it feel like to be a member of a community of people who shared these qualities?
Matthew 5:1-6:18

Session Five

The Law of the King (Part 2)
Worry is a dominant theme in 6:25-34. How can you escape worrying about such things as food and clothes?
Matthew 6:19-7:29

Session Six

The Powers of the King
The disciples' fear of the furious storm seems natural. What sort of faith is Jesus looking for in his disciples?
Matthew 8:1-9:34

Session Seven

The Messengers of the King
Jesus prepares his present and future disciples for opposition. Why shouldn't the disciples be afraid of those who oppose them?
Matthew 9:35-11:30

Session Eight

The Leaders & the King
The irony in the second assault of the Pharisees is that while Jesus is healing on the sabbath, the Pharisees are making plans to kill him. How does Jesus' attitude toward people and Scripture differ from that of the Pharisees? How have you been impacted by issues of religious authority?
Matthew 12

Session Nine

The Parables of the King
The parables of the hidden treasure and the pearl teach the supreme value of the kingdom. How has the supreme value of the kingdom affected your use of resources?
Matthew 13

Session Ten

The Revelation of the King
Herod, although a king, was a slave of people's opinion. In what ways do the opinions of others shape your behavior in general and your responsiveness to God in particular?
Matthew 14

Session Eleven

Understanding the King
There is a notable leap in spiritual insight in 16:13-20 as the disciples, who couldn't even grasp a simple figure of speech, suddenly through Peter declare that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God. How do you account for the sudden change? What is the role of grace in spiritual insight?
Matthew 15:1-16:20

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Stephen D. Eyre is a consultant for Church Discipleship Services, which provides guidance, coaching and resources for small groups in churches of all different sizes and denominations. He is also minister of congregational development at Madeira-Silverwood Presbyterian Church in Cincinnati, Ohio. He also wrote the LifeGuide® Bible Studies Christian Beliefs, Deuteronomy, Jeremiah and Moses.

Jacalyn Eyre is an experienced Bible study leader and author.