Marriage Is a Partnership

Biblical perspectives for couples on money, differences, sex, and more.

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Sessions: 6

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These six sessions help couples grow in their relationship to God. You’ll get practical, biblical perspectives on money, differences, sex, and more.

Session 1

Faith as the Marriage Glue
What does God really add to a marriage?

Session 2

Learning to Appreciate Our Spouse
How can you train yourself to value your spouse?

Session 3

Glorify God Together: A Marriage of Purpose
How can our marriage be in one accord, so that with one heart and voice we glorify God?

Session 4

Your Spouse: Friend or Foe?
Don't let your differences divide you.

Session 5

When Money Comes Between Us
Solving marital conflict over money.

Session 6

Romantic Sexuality
True romance follows God's design for marriage and for us as created beings.

Total number of pages - 63