Luke 9–24: New Joy

Jesus' message of hope and joy is for you.
Ada Lum

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In 15 studies on the second half of Luke you will discover that Jesus' message of new hope and new joy is not only for the sick, hurting and outcast people of Luke's story, but for you as well.


Getting the Most Out of Luke
This section introduces the topic, explains the structure followed in each study and offers tips for those approaching the study on their own as well as those participating in a group.

Session One

God Asks Too Much
Jesus' final yearlong journey to Jerusalem begins with an attempt to evangelize Samaritans, a people who are despised by the Jews. What has been costly for you in following Jesus so far?
Luke 9:51–10:24

Session Two

Rituals or Relationships?
Why do you think some people prefer a religion that has many rituals? Many who at first follow Jesus are not clear about true discipleship, so Jesus keeps showing in many creative ways what qualifies a person to belong to his kingdom.
Luke 10:25–11:13

Session Three

No, Not That Jesus
Jesus was a controversialist with the most highly trained Bible scholars of his day. He did it not for ego but because he loved the truth and hated falsehood. How do you respond to controversies? Why?
Luke 11:14–12:12

Session Four

Hey, I Want to Enjoy Life Now
The man in this passage is called "the rich fool." But you and I probably also know poor fools and middle-class fools. According to Jesus' parable, what makes a person a fool?
Luke 12:13–13:21

Session Five

Three Surprises in Heaven
People asked Jesus, "Lord, are only a few people going to be saved?" Before you became a Christian, what was your biggest question about salvation?
Luke 13:22–14:35

Session Six

Parable of Two Lost Sons
No matter how prodigal he was, the younger son knew his identityhe was his father's son. But the elder son sees the father only as an unfair slave driver. In what ways do you find yourself in tension between these two views of God?

Luke 15

Session Seven

Parables on Smart Money
Many have mixed feelings and opinions about money; Jesus did not. Jesus' two parables here tell us where the smart money is. What recent experience may be a clue that your attitude to money needs changing?
Luke 16

Session Eight

Pictures of Hanging in There
Jesus persevered in the face of family misunderstanding, brutal opposition and temptation to take the easy way. When has it been the hardest for you to persevere as a Christian?
Luke 17:1–18:14

Session Nine

The Nobodies God Wants in His Kingdom
In these encounters with Jesus, Luke has carefully recorded people's reactions to three "nobodies" and one "somebody." What lesson is he teaching?
Luke 18:15–19:10

Session Ten

Delusions About God's Kingdom
Are you having problems with your bossor any authority figure? What about with God? How would you like that situation changed?

Luke 19:11–48

Session Eleven

Rejection of God's Kingdom
In this passage, you see Jesus in the capital, taking on four distinct authority groups as each hurls their theological rocks at him. How do you know when to defend your faith and when not to?
Luke 20:1–21:4

Session Twelve

Jesus' Predictions of the Last Days
Jesus' prophecy of the destruction of Jerusalem and its temple demolishes the disciples' expectations. What ideas or expectations do you have regarding the kingdom of God?
Luke 21:5–38

Session Thirteen

Jesus, Our Passover Lamb
Can you recall your most moving celebration of Holy Communion? What made it so moving? What do you perceive to be Jesus' deepest concerns during his last intimate Passover supper with his closest friends?
Luke 22:1–46

Session Fourteen

God's Word from the Cross
Under Roman law Jesus died as a criminal. In God's eternal plan Jesus died as the sacrificial substitute for us sinners. How do you understand the meaning of Jesus' cross?
Luke 22:47–23:56

Session Fifteen

God's Word from the Empty Tomb
Reflect on your studies of Jesus Christhis life with people, his death as a criminal, his resurrection. What for you are specific incentives to be his "witness to these things"?

Luke 24

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Ada Lum teaches at the Bible Institute of Hawaii. Though retired as a staff member with the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students, she still visits various countries to do Bible study training. Her other books include Jesus the Disciplemakerand How to Begin an Evangelistic Bible Study.