Luke 1–9: New Hope

Jesus' message of hope and joy is for you.
Ada Lum

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In 11 studies on the first half of Luke you will discover that Jesus' message of new hope and new joy is not only for the sick, hurting, and outcast people of Luke's story, but for you as well.


Getting the Most Out of Luke
This section introduces the topic, explains the structure followed in each study and offers tips for those approaching the study on their own as well as those participating in a group.

Session One

People of Hope
Luke begins his Gospel with sensational news of God's new work. Think of an extraordinary personal experience. What bigger view of God did you learn from that?
Luke 1

Session Two

Child of Hope
Luke anchors Jesus' birth in history, in the powerful world of Rome. Try seeing the unfolding scenes through the wonder-filled eyes of a child. What can you do to retain or nurture this holy wonder?
Luke 2

Session Three

Preacher of Hope
In this passage we meet John the Baptizer calling for repentance. Repentance is not a common subject from preachers today. What are possible reasons?
Luke 3:1-20

Session Four

Hope for All People
Luke's genealogy stresses not Jesus' ethnicity but his humanness. Reflect on this: Jesus is one of us! How does this deepen your appreciation of him?
Luke 3:21-4:13

Session Five

Outrageous Claims
The theme of the kingdom of God runs through Luke's Gospel with forty-four references. When you hear references to the kingdom of God (for example, in the Lord's Prayer), what comes to your mind?
Luke 4:14–5:16

Session Six

Opposition to Authority
Imagine yourself a part of the religious establishment, including their body language suggested in this passage. How would Jesus' growing popularity have threatened you?
Luke 5:17–6:11

Session Seven

Character of Kingdom Citizens
God is ultimately interested in how your character is being molded. How do Jesus' illustrations about the tree and the builders reflect this? Which one do you find more helpful?
Luke 6:12–49

Session Eight

Five Kinds of Faith
For you, what is faith? In this passage we meet five people with diverse backgrounds and varying approaches to Jesuseach expressing personal faith in a different way.

Luke 7

Session Nine

Hearing God: First Step of Faith
Wherever the gospel is preached, results vary, because people have different motives for being in the audience. What one or two factors influenced your initial response to Christianity?
Luke 8:1–21

Session Ten

Jesus' True Identity: Bedrock of Faith
What first attracted you to Jesus? Luke 8 includes four events in which Jesus reveals his real identity to the his disciples.
Luke 8:22–56

Session Eleven

Disciple Training: Stretched in Faith
Review Jesus' commission and instructions to his disciples. Which do you think are especially relevant for evangelism and world missions today? Why?
Luke 9:1–50

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Ada Lum teaches at the Bible Institute of Hawaii. Though retired as a staff member with the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students, she still visits various countries to do Bible study training. Her other books include Jesus the Disciplemakerand How to Begin an Evangelistic Bible Study.