John 1-12: Jesus, the Living Word of God

Take a fresh look at Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection.
Douglas Connelly

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Thirteen inductive Bible studies focus on John 1–12, encouraging you to take a fresh look at Jesus' life, death and resurrection.


Getting the Most Out of John 112

This section introduces the topic, explains the structure followed in each study and offers tips for those approaching the study on their own as well as those participating in a group.

Session One

Encountering the Word
What does it mean to you that God came to earth in flesh and bone? John 1 introduces you to a profound mystery in simple and direct language.
John 1

Session Two

Signs of God
How do you know that Jesus was who he claimed to be? John 2 investigates two events from Jesus' early ministry that demonstrate his power and authority.
John 2

Session Three

Starting Over
What would you do differently if you could start your life over? John 3 reveals what Jesus meant when he invited Nicodemus to be born again.
John 3

Session Four

Connecting with People
Who do you talk to about Jesus? John 4 shows how Jesus broke through every barriersocial, gender, religiousto invite other people into God's kingdom.

John 4

Session Five

Deity on Trial
Why do some people reject Jesus while others follow him? John 5 describes a group of people who hear all the evidence but still come to the wrong conclusion about Jesus.
John 5

Session Six

Jesus, the Bread of Life
In John 6 Jesus demonstrates God's presence and power to solve an "impossible" problem. Have you experienced God in this way in your life?
John 6

Session Seven

Confused over Christ
John 7 shows how some who at first followed Jesus began to turn away and how others acted with open hostility toward Jesus and his disciples. Have you watched as someone you know rejects Jesus?
John 7:1-52

Session Eight

Caught in Adultery
Which is most vivid to youthe memory of forgiving someone else or the memory of being forgiven? In John 8 Jesus responds to a woman caught in adultery and her accusers in a way that surprised everyone.

John 7:53–8:11

Session Nine

Shine, Jesus, Shine
How do you respond when someone challenges the truth of what you say? John 8 shows Jesus opening himself to accusation and speaking truth in the face of conflict.
John 8:12-59

Session Ten

A Blind Man Sees the Light
How is your spiritual eyesight? In John 9 Jesus demonstrates that those who are blind often see clearly while others with sight see nothing at all.
John 9

Session Eleven

Listening for the Shepherd's Voice
In what ways are you like a sheep? What do you need from your shepherd? John 10 offers an amazing view of salvation and assurance in the picture of a shepherd enclosing his sheep in a sheepfold for safekeeping during the night.
John 10

Session Twelve

Back from the Dead!
In John 11 Jesus helps a family struggling with the desolation of death, showing themand youhow death is conquered. What do you have to fear from death?

John 11

Session Thirteen

The King's Last Acts
If you knew you had only one week to live, how would you live it? John 12 shows how Jesus sees his ministry coming to an endeither in satisfying the people's desire for an earthly king or in fulfilling God's mission for a sacrificial lamb.

John 12

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Douglas Connelly is senior pastor at Parkside Community Church in Michigan. He is author of the books The Bible for Blockheads and The Book of Revelation for Blockheads(both Zondervan) as well as the LifeGuide® Bible Studies Encountering Jesus, Daniel, Angels, Miracles, Heaven and Meeting the Spirit.