Going Deeper in Prayer

Learn how to communicate with God in a meaningful way.

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If you've ever struggled with your prayer life, know that you're in good company. As you seek to grow in this area, this download will help guide you. In it, you'll find articles that will challenge and grow your understanding of prayer. You'll find insights to help you evaluate this aspect of your leadership, as well as advice for strengthening and revitalizing it. We've also packed plenty of other resources inside for you to go even farther in finding the prayer life you've always wanted. Remember, doubts and uncertainties may come and go, but as we press on we'll experience abundance—for the righteous find life by faith (Romans 1:17).

Scripture References: Heb. 11:6; Esther 4:15-16; John 17


The Problem with Prayer
Why is prayer such a constant struggle?
by Janine Petry


To Lead or to Pray?
Understanding the unique challenges that leaders face in prayer.
by Terry Muck

Change the Way You Talk to God
9 secrets to revitalize your prayer life.
by Sandra Picklesimer Aldrich

I'll Be Praying for You
How to say it "and pray it" like you mean it.
by Michele Cushatt

Fresh Air
3 practices to breathe life into your conversations with God.
by Keri Wyatt Kent

Praying for Your Kids
5 easy ways to get started.
by Susan Alexander Yates

Prayer Pointers
6 ways to add more prayer into your day.
by Today's Chrisitan Woman readers

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