Genesis 25-50: Jacob & Joseph

The One who called the world into being also calls you to serve him.
Charles Hummel

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Focusing on the second half of Genesis, these twelve Bible studies by Charles and Anne Hummel ask you to consider what it means that the One who called the world into being also calls you to serve him.


Getting the Most Out of Genesis 2550

This section introduces the topic, explains the structure followed in each study and offers tips for those approaching the study on their own as well as those participating in a group.

Session One

Jacob & Esau
What does Esau's attitude toward his birthright reveal about his character? In what situation are you tempted to give up something of spiritual value to meet an immediate need?
Genesis 25:12–27:40

Session Two

Jacob in Exile
A past sin or disobedience to God can leave us with a burden of guilt and a sense of failure. How can Jacob's experience renew our confidence in God's grace?
Genesis 27:41–30:24

Session Three

Jacob Versus Laban
How do you see that God has protected and provided for Jacob in the midst of his unjust treatment by Laban? How can Jacob's experience give us hope when we are unfairly treated by our friends, spouse or employer?
Genesis 30:25–31:55

Session Four

Jacob Meets Esau
In what ways can Jacob's actions toward Esau be a model for us of repentance and reconciliation?
Genesis 32–33

Session Five

Jacob's Compromise & Commitment
How can we, like Jacob, transform the pain of losing someone we love into courage for the future?
Genesis 34–36

Session Six

Joseph & His Brothers
What various motives do you see in the way the brothers report the news of Joseph's disappearance to their father? To what extent are you involved in a family situation with some of these elements, and what can you do to relieve the tension?
Genesis 37–38

Session Seven

Slave & Prisoner
How does Potiphar's wife put pressure on her husband to get revenge on Joseph? When you have been in a situation where you were treated unjustly, how did you feel about God's letting it happen?
Genesis 39–40

Session Eight

Joseph Governs Egypt
In what ways had God prepared Joseph during these twelve years in Egypt? How can Joseph's experience help you hang on during a time of hardship when there is little reward or appreciation?
Genesis 41–42

Session Nine

Family Reconciliation
How does Joseph explain to his brothers the reason for his being sold into Egypt and the purpose of his sufferings? How can this perspective toward your own suffering make it possible for you to forgive someone who has grievously hurt you?
Genesis 43:1–45:15

Session Ten

Jacob in Egypt
How does God encourage Jacob in the present and for the future? When has God allowed you to see how seemingly unrelated events fit into the tapestry of his will for you?
Genesis 45:16–47:31

Session Eleven

Jacob's Blessing
How are the blessings given to Reuben, Simeon and Levi related to their past actions? Although our past failures and sins affect our future, how can God's forgiveness and grace help us triumph over these consequences?
Genesis 48–49

Session Twelve

Joseph's Final Years
How does Joseph show his brothers that he not only forgives but genuinely loves them? If you have been wronged by someone, what action may God want you to takebeyond the usual "forgive and forget" attitudeto demonstrate a loving concern for that person's welfare?

Genesis 50

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Charles Hummel (d. 2004) was director of faculty ministries for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA and president of Barrington College in Rhode Island. He wrote fifteen books and Bible study guides, including The Galileo Connection and Freedom from Tyranny of the Urgent. Anne Hummel (d. 2008) had extensive experience leading Bible study groups and training Bible study leaders. She also worked with special needs children at Elm Park Daycare Center in Worcester, Massachusetts.