Exodus 20-40: Teaching God's People

God—and God alone—is worthy of trust.
James Reapsome

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In these twelve studies on the second half of Exodus, you'll encounter Israel's story of hardship and hope, discovering along with Israel that God—and God alone—is worthy of trust.


Getting the Most Out of Exodus
This section introduces the topic, explains the structure followed in each study and offers tips for those approaching the study on their own as well as those participating in a group.

Session One

God's Character & Human Welfare
When you were a child, how did your parents teach you to obey simple commands like "Don't cross the street"? Why are God's supremacy and the necessity of absolute loyalty the foundation for the Ten Commandments?
Exodus 20:1-21

Session Two

A Well-Ordered Society
How would you summarize God's rules about idols and altars? What reasons does he give for these rules?
Exodus 20:22–23:19

Session Three

God's Call to His People
On what basis would you think an Israelite could trust God for the unknown? What perils or temptations are you facing, and how does God help you to meet them?
Exodus 23:20–24:18

Session Four

God's Blueprint for Worship
Why would an Israelite feel prompted to give building materials for the tabernacle? What kinds of offerings does God expect from us?
Exodus 25–27

Session Five

Responding to God's Holiness
When you hear the word priest, what one-word responses come to mind? How and why did God give special status to the sons of Aaron?
Exodus 28:1–29:37

Session Six

Discovering God's Presence
Incense symbolizes the prayers of God's people. Why would Israel need such a reminder? How can you become more faithful in daily prayer?
Exodus 29:38–31:18

Session Seven

Idolatry's Fearful Toll
What impresses you about the dialogue between God and Moses? In what ways can we emulate Moses in our relation to God and in our care for sinning people?
Exodus 32

Session Eight

God's Assurance
Look at the development of Moses' requests. How do they increase in spiritual wisdom and depth, and reveal Moses' deepest desire? In what ways do you demonstrate a desire to know God and to see his glory?
Exodus 33

Session Nine

Renewing the Covenant
God calls us to live among those who do not honor his name. In what ways can they be a "snare" for us?
Exodus 34

Session Ten

Giving Back to God
The Israelites responded to God's call for an offering. How do you account for this outpouring of goods and materials? What would it take in your church to produce an outpouring of goods and services for God's use?
Exodus 35–36

Session Eleven

Finding God in All Things
List and describe each of the key items that the Israelites are to build for the tent of worship. How does each article illustrate some aspect of our own relation to God?
Exodus 37:1–39:31

Session Twelve

Praise & Reflection
What feelings do you think the Israelites had in working "just as the Lord had commanded" and in showing their work to Moses? As you invest your life for God, what satisfaction have you gained from following his blueprint?
Exodus 39:32–40:38

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James Reapsome is a former executive director of Evangelical Missions Information Service in Wheaton, Illinois, where he also served as editor of both Evangelical Missions Quarterly and World Pulse newsletter. He wrote the LifeGuide® Bible Studies Hebrews and (with his wife, Martha Reapsome) Marriage.