Encountering Jesus

Learn about the stories of eight people whose lives were changed forever.
Douglas Connelly

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In these studies you will examine the stories of eight people—among them a scholar, a failure, a blind man, and an adulterer—who found their lives changed forever when they met Jesus Christ.


Getting the Most Out of Encountering Jesus
This section introduces the topic, explains the structure followed in each study and offers tips for those approaching the study on their own as well as those participating in a group.

Part 1: Jesus Offers New Life

1. Water for the Thirsty
How do you think the Samaritan woman feels when she hears that God is searching for people like her to worship him? What principles can you draw from Jesus' conversation with the woman to help you in reaching out to others?
John 4:1-30

2. Searching for Truth

Based on what Jesus says to Nicodemus in verses 5-8, how would you define the phrase "born again" to someone who had never heard it or who had a misconception about it?
John 3:1-21

3. Caught in the Act

The woman is forced to stand before a whole crowd while her sin is publicly exposed. How do you feel when someone confronts you in front of others?
John 8:1-11

4. Finding Forgiveness

How do you think the woman feels when she hears Jesus' words of forgiveness and peace? Based on the example of this woman, how can you demonstrate gratitude to Jesus for forgiving you?
Luke 7:36-50

Part 2: Jesus Offers Hope

5. Facing Failure
Peter responds with a word that signifies deep affection but a weaker commitment than the love Jesus asks from him. If a close friend had abandoned you, how would you respond to this sort of less-than-total commitment later?
John 21:1-19

6. Set Free

What can you conclude fom this passage about the physical, emotional and spiritual oppression that a person under demonic influence experiences? What results can we expect to see when a person is set free from Satan's power?
Mark 5:1-20

7. Seeing the Light

How does Jesus see the blind man and his need? What condition in your body or life could God use to display his glory and power?
John 9:1-38

8. When All Else Fails

This woman's affliction is so personal she doesn't want to approach Jesus directly. What one thing in your life do you need Jesus to touch and restore?
Luke 8:40-48

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Douglas Connelly (M.Div. and M.Th., Grace Theological Seminary) is senior pastor at Parkside Community Church in Sterling Heights, Michigan. He has written several books and Bible study guides, including the LifeGuide® Bible Studies Angels, Daniel, Elijah, Following Jesus, Forgiveness, Good & Evil, Heaven, I Am, John, The Lord's Prayer, Meeting the Spirit, and Miracles.