Ecclesiastes: The Detour Signs of Life

Take a look at the depth of Ecclesiastes—but be prepared for a few surprises.

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Sessions: 4

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If the deep and perplexing issues of life intrigue you, take a look at Ecclesiastes—but be prepared for a few surprises. On the surface, Ecclesiastes seems to challenge essential biblical truths. It dares to face hard questions. It shows the unglamorized life of a sinful world. It offers a glimpse at the secular mind. It looks at suffering and struggles to find meaning in it all. But most importantly, in the end Ecclesiastes points us to a solution.

Session One

Education Avenue
Solomon had an unsatisfying pursuit of wisdom and knowledge.
Ecclesiastes 1

Session Two

Pleasure Road
Solomon took an unfulfilling journey through all the world has to offer.
Ecclesiastes 2

Session Three

Material Lane
Solomon had an empty experience with more, more, more!
Ecclesiastes 5:10–20

Session Four

Youth Street
Solomon discovered the futility of youth.
Ecclesiastes 11:9–12:14

Total number of pages - 32 pages