We're all searching for meaning in life.
Bill Syrios

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As you explore the book of Ecclesiastes with Bill and Teresa Syrios, you will discover how God brings meaning to the world and how following God brings meaning to your life.

Part 1: Making Sense Out of Life: Ecclesiastes 1–6


Getting the Most Out of Ecclesiastes
This section introduces the topic, explains the structure followed in each study and offers tips for those approaching the study on their own as well as those participating in a group.

Session One

Is It All Meaningless?
According to verse 8, seeking new experiences will not bring lasting satisfaction. When have you found this to be true in your own life?
Ecclesiastes 1–6

Session Two

Where Can We Find Fulfillment?
Why does the author call his search for wisdom "a heavy burden"?
Ecclesiastes 1:12–2:16

Session Three

What Is the Value of Work?
How would you describe the under-the-sun mentality? What would the Teacher say about workaholic tendencies in our society?
Ecclesiastes 2:17–26

Session Four

Who Is Really in Control?
How would you live your life differently if you believed God had no control?
Ecclesiastes 3:1–4:3

Session Five

What Attitudes Should We Embrace?
In 5:7 the Teacher exhorts his readers to "stand in awe of God." In what ways are you guilty of taking God too lightly?
Ecclesiastes 4:4–5:7

Session Six

What Does It Take to Be Content?
How does the Teacher describe the nature of wealth? How do your possessions relate to your sense of security?
Ecclesiastes 5:8–6:12

Part 2: Living Life Sensibly: Ecclesiastes 7–12

Session Seven

Where Can We Find Wisdom?
What are ways the Teacher describes wisdom? What is the difference between knowledge and wisdom?
Ecclesiastes 7:1–8:1

Session Eight

How Shall We Live Under Authority?
Why does the Teacher encourage obedience to authority? What is your biggest struggle in living under authority?
Ecclesiastes 8:2–17

Session Nine

What Meaning Does Death Bring to Life?
What reaction might the Teacher hope to gain with his emphasis that a "common destiny" awaits all?
Ecclesiastes 9:1–12

Session Ten

How Do We Live Sensibly?
How can words betray a fool?
Ecclesiastes 9:13–10:20

Session Eleven

Is It Worth the Risk?
In this section the Teacher encourages us to exercise our faith by "casting our bread upon the waters." What does taking risks in our spiritual lives do for our relationship with God?
Ecclesiastes 11:1–12:8

Session Twelve

What Makes Life Meaningful?
Why is it significant that the Teacher's words are based on the authority of the "one Shepherd"?
Ecclesiastes 12:9–14

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Based in Eugene, Oregon, Bill Syrios operates a real estate investment company, Stewardship Projects, and Teresa Syrios leads the worship team at River Oaks Community Church. Formerly, they were both InterVarsity staff members working at the University of Oregon.