Advent 2021: 4-Week Devotional Guide (Digital Distribution)

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The Gospel of Advent is a 4-week devotional to help individuals, small groups, and families journey through the 2021 Advent season. This updated devotional features articles and devotional questions by Christianity Today contributors and editors such as Rachel Gilson, Marlena Graves, Wesley Hill, Matthew Kim, Jen Pollock Michel, Glenn Packiam, and more! Click here to see a preview!

What's Inside?

This updated guide offers 4 weeks of daily devotions for the season of Advent and Christmas, plus weekly ideas and activities for families and small groups. Each day features meaningful scriptural reflection with devotions from Christianity's most respected leaders.

Over the 4 weeks of Advent, this devotional guide will invite you to explore the core gospel threads that are woven within the observance of Advent:

  • Week 1 – Christ’s return and everlasting kingdom: Our response of penitence, godly living, and hope.
  • Week 2 – Sin and redemption: John the Baptist’s role, message, and testimony about Jesus.
  • Week 3 – Sacrifice and salvation: Old Testament prophecies about the promised Messiah, his suffering for our sake, and the salvation he brings for all peoples.
  • Week 4 – Incarnation: Incarnation and Nativity passages that reveal Christ’s purpose.

As a bonus, the guide will include two additional devotional readings for Christmas Day and Epiphany as well as family and group discussion questions and activities.