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In our first annual Globe Issue, we hope you find a captivating and capacious vision of how men and women are following the call of Christ all around the planet. We hope you find your horizons broadened on what we mean when we say Christianity today. We hope, too, you catch a vision of the vast and varied, complex and compelling, sometimes broken but always beautiful global church, the bride of Christ, who continues to join with him in his redemption and restoration of the world.

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What's Inside?

In this Deluxe Hardcover Edition, Christianity Today has created a space for the stories that are being told by individuals and ministries across the globe; we hope the Globe Issue gives you a glimpse of how God is moving in every continent and country.


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Table of Contents

Contemplations feature first-person narratives that are rich in reflection, and experiences of faith and wonder.

Chronicles feature third-person stories, that reveal the way individuals are bringing the kingdom of God into our world in essential and enchanting ways.


  1. The Drums of the Witch’s Demise | Uganda As Shared by World Vision
  2. It Wasn’t the Tear Gas that Surprised Me | Hong Kong
  3. Learning to See Beauty Through the Scars of War | Angola
  4. Breaking Slavery on Lake Volta | Ghana As Shared by International Justice Mission
  5. Eusebio Prays for the President | Bolivia
  6. The Prison Sanctum | Ethiopia As Shared by American Bible Society
  7. Betty is God’s Favorite | Kenya
  8. A Phoenix Rises After ISIS Enslavement | Middle East
  9. A Way in the Wilderness | Australia 
  10. The Biggest Mistake the Church Can Make | Algeria


11. My Playground a Wasteland | Beirut
12. What I Learned Under the Red Lights | Taiwan As Shared by Overseas Missionary Fellowship
13. Our Body Groans for Unity | American in Djibouti
14. What the Darkness Doesn’t Obscure | Chile
15. Faith in the Face of Bullet Fire | Rwanda As Shared by Exile International
16. Scripture Feeds my French Appetite | France
17. The Statistic that Nobody Believes | America As Shared by Love Justice
18. Our Names Become Bridges | Philippines
19. When the Story Doesn’t Have a Happy Ending | East Africa 
20. The Wounded Sparrow | India 

In partnership with:
Exile International | International Justice Mission | OMF | Operation Mobilization | World Vision


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