Advent 2023: 4-Week Devotional Guide

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The Eternal King Arrives is a 4-week devotional to help individuals, small groups, and families journey through the 2023 Advent season.

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What's Inside?

Over the 4 weeks of Advent, this devotional guide will look at the themes of Jesus' prophetic inauguration, God's plan for redemption, and the Eternal King's arrival into the world as a human through signs and wonders.

Theme 1 | Prophetic Inauguration

Devotionals that deal with prophecies of lineage and expectation

Theme 2 | Eternal Jubilee

Devotionals that deal with the beautiful consequences of God’s plan for redemption and the way it opened up heaven for humanity

Theme 3 | Divine Coronation

Devotionals that deal with the introduction of Jesus into the world as a human through signs & wonders

More about this Devotional:

Each daily reading concludes with Scripture passages for reflection and discussion questions to aid individual or group study.

This Advent devotional features 6 readings per week in the lead-up to Christmas, offering both consistency and flexibility and fostering a communal experience that can accommodate the twists and turns of this beautiful, sometimes busy season together.

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